Growth Accelerator Lessons For Your Business

  • Not enough trust with their audience or in the marketplace. Maybe the company is excellent at what it does, but it doesn’t stand out and differentiate itself, missing the “wow factor”.
  • The business does not have enough value within your product ecosystem or the service ecosystem. Potentially, the business lacks a little punch in terms of value.
  • The business does not reach enough, mainly in terms of distribution.

Whether your business has any of these issues, the solution is to look for partners. Mike mentions an example: making partnerships for products. Usually, most of those product partners appreciate getting their product in front of a new audience. It’s valuable for them and it’s valuable for you because you get to add more value into the ecosystem for your client.

You’ve got to go out and pitch for partners to get involved. Remember to only ask partnerships for one element of the three corners of the triangle. If you have to ask for over one third, it feels like a request rather than an opportunity.



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