How To Develop Strategic Partnerships With Your Competitors

In all the years of my career, I’ve always repeated this: there are many opportunities to do business with ‘competitors’. They don’t have to be your enemies. Great deals can come out of an alliance of companies in the same market.

Investing in partnerships is for those times when your company has a great business opportunity, but your team may not be big enough to handle it. In these cases, a good partnership strategy is white labeling.

Natasha started white labeling because it was confusing for some of her clients to understand that she was strategically partnering with a competing company to deliver the final product. They didn’t understand very well and thought they would have to pay more for the project.

As most people with an entrepreneurial spirit know, it’s hard to turn down work. She ended up putting music groups together and managing them so they could play all the venues that were booked.



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